Leslie Kay

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Jewelry addict|

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Hello there! I'm Leslie Kay. I am such a jewelry addict, my nickname growing up was Sparkle Plenty; I kid you not! And these days, I am sparkling plenty!! In October 2022, I opened Leesburg Beads and Studio to give life to the long-standing dream in my heart of owning a bead shop and helping other jewelry makers in their quest for finding just the right components for their pieces. I also design and create jewelry which blends beautiful semi-precious gemstones with their metaphysical and healing properties. Through these passions, I am very familiar with Swarovski crystals and enjoyed using them in my creations. I, like many in the DIY world, was saddened by the company's recent decision to no longer make beads; but then I was absolutely thrilled to find Touchstone Crystal, the direct sales division of Swarovski. So now I get to bring the glitz and glam of these gorgeous Austrian crystals in everyday designs to my clients! I am also obsessed with helping women glow from the inside and out with clinical grade, affordable, anti-aging, luxury skin care that works. When I hit 50, my skin just tanked, and I had been using the best of the best from the best department stores. I went on a year-long quest to find an eye cream that actually did something, and I didn't care the price or where it came from. Finally, I stumbled upon Bellame. I had never heard of it (the company was only months old at the time). I saw improvement in my eye area in less than a week, I was shocked and very pleased! Needless-to-say, I was hooked, and am a devotee to this day. I'd love to get a sample in your hands. Check out what I'm doing. Let's stay in touch! XO, Leslie